Harvard Business Review: Conflating LGBT Rights with Climate Change

Watts Up With That?

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Harvard Business Review thinks that because some businesses objected to North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, this is a sign they will all soon jump on the bandwagon, and take real action to tackle climate change.

After North Carolina passed a bizarre transgender bathroom law with sweeping implications (one that, according to the Justice Department, is probably illegal), an impressive list of big companies made their displeasure known. The CEOs of dozens of corporate giants  — including Alcoa, Apple, Bank of America, Citibank, Facebook, Google, IBM, Kellogg, Marriott, PwC, and Starbucks  — sent an open letter to the governor to defend “protections for LGBT people.” PayPal canceled plans for an operations center in the state, and Deutsche Bank announced it would freeze the addition of 250 employees in the state because of the law.

The floodgates of business proactively influencing societal norms and public policy are…

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