Why Is JPM’s “Quant Guru” Suddenly Worried About The “Endgame”

This can eventually result in the devaluation of all currencies against real assets such as gold, high inflation or even outright defaults (as was the case in Greece). If such a trend develops in one of the large economies, it could have far-reaching consequences.

from Zero Hedge: 

When JPM quant Marko Kolanovic released his latest report today, we were expecting him to read his latest insight on the positioning of quant funds, on the relative imbalance of risk parity, or perhaps whether market gamma was suggesting that the market is poised for an inflection point, either lower or higher. Instead, we were surprised to read an extended analysis looking at how trapped the “out of options” central banks are, what the next steps are for the global economy, how the market is now as overvalued as it was before the 2000 crash, how rising rates “would make the current S&P…

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