UK – Expulsion Of Judeophobic Labor Party Members To Get Easier

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Sabba – This is a total and open jewish takeover of the UK Labor Party as from now on, it is Israel and the jews whom she represents who will decide who becomes a member, who can be kicked out of it, who can enter the world politics etc.  

HAARETZ –  British Labour Party lawmakers and Jewish activists have proposed a change in party rules to make it easier to permanently expel members who use anti-Semitic and other racist language. The effort, spearheaded by the Jewish Labour Movement, comes amid a string of party scandals involving alleged anti-Semitism.

“Everybody’s talking about zero tolerance of anti-Semitism, but it’s become apparent because of a spate of incidents over the last couple of months that the rules and processes of the party don’t provide adequate provision to deal with it,” Jeremy Newmark, a Labour Party branch chair and representative of the Jewish Labour…

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