US Officials Vow to “Up the Ante” in Syria as Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook

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[Russian jets buzzing a US Navy ship–sounds vaguely familiar. Oh yes–that’s because it happened once before, in 2014. To the same ship no less: the USS Donald Cook. The new overflight of the ship comes as news has emerged that the US plans to supply so-called MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles to factions in Syria should the truce break down.]

US To Syrian Rebels: Quit the Ceasefire and We’ll Get You Anti-Aircraft Weapons

By Adam Hill

Give it up for Obama. He sure knows how to incentivise imperial clients to do the right thing. US ostensibly supports the ceasefire in Syria that was agreed at Geneva talks where it was present.

But on the other hand is also saying to rebels who are a part of it – don’t worry we’ve got your back, as soon as the ceasifire is over you’re getting brand new anti-aircraft weapons and artillery of your own.


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