78 false flag stories in one week!

A new record…and we barely scratched the surface

by Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today: 

Watch the embedded video above for two full hours of false flag stories – links to the stories may be foundHERE.)

This false flag stuff is getting out of control.

Last week, VT’s Gordon Duff almost instantly exposed the Panama Papers as yet another cover-and-deception operation … and the rest of the alternative media spent the week catching up.

Alongside the Panama Scam, we had reports on a false flag attack launching a war in Nagorno-Karabakh … France holding massive “anti-terror exercises” that could go live…crisis actors in Brussels…the CIA leaving live explosives in a school bus…US-supported “radical Muslim terrorists” running amok … Erdogan’s government complicit in Brussels, running ISIS and firing at journalists … 4 year olds on the TSA terrorist watch list … massive election fraud in the USA … and much, much more.

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