Turkish MP Faces Prison for Confirming VT Sarin Gas Report

Eren Erdem, from Turkey’s opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), who revealed that Daesh terrorists had obtained sarin gas supplies through Turkish territory, now faces terrorism charges in his country; the lawmaker says that the accusations are based on some “secret witness statements” without any documentary evidence.

from Veterans Today: 

Eren Erdem

Editor’s note:  RT misses the gun on this, a story broken by VT and Russia 24 and confirmed by Serena Shimm of Press TV who gave her life to get the truth out.

Eren Erdem, the deputy of Turkey’s CHP political party, who is also an investigative journalist, now faces terrorism charges in his own country.

The Turkish government has submitted a motion to remove Erdem’s parliamentary immunity opening up Erdem to a possible lifetime in prison for ‘terrorism links.’

Sputnik Turkey got in touch with the Turkish lawmaker regarding the investigation in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) against him.

Erdem explained the reasons behind the charges to Sputnik, calling the investigation…

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