Newtown Teacher Charged With Felony For Conceal/Carry on School Grounds

We are dismayed that this could happen in a school, especially one in a community as traumatized as Newtown.-“Sandy Hook Promise”

David K. Li
New York Post
April 6, 2016

A gun scare rocked a school in Newtown, Conn., Wednesday, when a teacher was caught carrying a concealed firearm on his way to class, according to reports.

Jason M. Adams, 46, had a permit to carry the weapon — but was busted on felony charges at Newtown Middle School because it is illegal to possess a loaded firearm on school property in Connecticut.

Adams, a science teacher, was stopped by a retired cop, who was hired as a security officer after the 2012 massacre at Newtown’s now-demolished Sandy Hook Elementary School, in which 20 first-graders and six adults were shot to death by Adam Lanza.