Austria rejects all refugees

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Austria rejects all refugees

By Markus Salzmann
7 April 2016

The Austrian government has announced it will turn away refugees at the border after conducting summary hearings. A determination will be made as quickly as possible on whether they can be deported to third countries. In this way, the grand coalition of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and Social Democrats (SPÖ) under Chancellor Werner Feymann is attempting to permanently reduce the number of refugees coming into the country, the DPA news agency reported.

Beginning in mid-May, all asylum applications will be decided at the border within an hour, including the possibility of an appeal. The only reason allowed for granting a residency permit will be the presence of close family members in Austria. This could be “determined within a few minutes through the registration system,” a senior interior ministry official said. All other refugees would be rejected on the…

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