Israeli Censor Threatens US Blogger Richard Silverstein

Fig Trees and Vineyards

[Ed. note – the term “Khazarian Mafia” seems to be much in vogue these days. And indeed the threats made yesterday by Israel’s military censor against blogger Richard Silverstein sound like they could have been scripted from “The Godfather.” Below is an excerpt from a post Silverstein put up today. ]

“The name of the blogger, Richard Silverstein, came up more than once during the panel, regarding bloggers who don’t fall under jurisdiction of Israeli censorship, and publish information from their residences in the US about explosive Israeli security stories–among them, the story of Kam’s arrest. According to censor Ben Avraham, ‘relations between the censor and bloggers abroad is a big issue, where censorship is not the way you handle it. But if you’re going to do malicious damage, we’ll meet again [we will deal with him] in the future…’”

Silverstein has been something of a thorn in the side of the…

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