“Those Who Blew the Whistle”

noun: whistleblower
1. one who reveals something covert or who informs against another

Doug Auld

My decision to paint “Whistleblowers” came from my examination of this rare group of people willing to bring upon themselves enormous controversy and upheaval for seemingly little to no reward. Many of these people have lost careers, family, friends or even paid with their lives for their claims and actions. Some have been incarcerated, and progress3most of them endure scorn and ridicule. Withstanding all, their information was important enough for them to bring forward, and yet many of these people are unknown to the general public to this day.

I have broadened the use of the term “whistleblower” to include individuals who bring unknown and important information forward – suppressed ideas contrary to political, corporate, scientific, environmental, medical and religious norms. My main fascination is with informers within the UFO, E.T., “black ops” and “classified” topics which are most challenging to our preconceived beliefs and educational indoctrination. Hidden discoveries such as “free energy” and anti-gravity devices as well as evidence of other worldly intelligence would change the entire paradigm in which we live.