34 Year Old Doctor/Cancer Researcher Found Dead in Field

What in the world is going on?

We are sorry to report that yet another cancer researcher/doctor has been found dead. This young doctor was from the UK(as were a few others we’ve reported on in recent weeks).

Despite being found dead in a field by a passerby and the fact that the autopsy was inconclusive, the death is not being treated as suspicious. This comes as no surprise as many of the doctors who have been found dead have had their deaths ruled out as suspicious right away(including one UK researcher found hanging in a tree in a rubber suit).

We’ve actually traveled through this area and it’s a beautiful, quiet countryside that is one of the safest places I can think of. I have family in the UK and Europe and have been in this region more than once without incident.

From the article:

“The body of Dr Nadeera De Silva was discovered on a patch…

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