How Far Are the Criminal Elite Willing to Go to Stop Donald Trump?



by Dave Hodges

Just how many ways can a nomination/election be stolen from a legitimate candidate? There are the nonviolent, unethical and illegal means to steal an election. There are also false flag events which can be created  in order to derail a candidacy as well.

This article examines both of these possibilities. Why both? Because the criminal elite that run this country will NEVER let Donald Trump implement the anti-globalist policies that Trump claims he will stop upon his ascendancy to the White House.

Please note that this article will discuss the major options of criminal elite up to the Republican National Conventional this summer. Part Three of this series, to be released tomorrow, will discuss the false flag possibilities in a post-convention period in which Trump emerges as the nominee.

The Republican Leadership Is Willing to Destroy the Republican Party In Order to Stop Trump

I am still…

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