ABC: Holistic Doctor & Family Killed in “Horrific” Triple Murder at Santa Barbara Estate

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It saddens me to break this tragic news to my readers.

I actually met Dr Han when I lived in Southern California. I was just back there speaking  three days ago for a holistic doctor event.
Dr. Weidong Henry Han, 57, his wife, Huijie Yu, 29; and their daughter, Emily Han, 5, were found dead Wednesday in their home in the 4600 block of Greenhill Way.

Authorities said the trio were homicide victims and have said the killings were not random.

Therefore authorities have concluded the public has nothing to worry about while holistic doctors keep being found dead at an alarming rate.

from ABC NEWS:

Forensics workers from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and the state Justice Department continue to process the scene of three homicides, described as “horrific” by law enforcement.  It happened in…

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