MIND GAMES: The Psychological/Ritual Warfare of Aesthetic Terrorism and Mass Shootings


Source – jaysanalysis.com

– In the wake of the latest school shooting the question of “Why?” haunts most people.  A multitude of responses are given in the mainstream media by pundits and analysts, ranging from violent video games, films, to psychotropic drugs, to gun control, and on and on.  None of these people understand what these events are in the bigger picture.  All of the proposed “answers” as to the cause of such events are merely peripheral aspects that are relevant, but fail to give an adequate explanation to the entire phenomenon.  Analysts rarely mention past shooters and the patterns that emerge between them and the present shooting.

In fact, one wonders why profilers and analysts seem absolutely unable to make connections on the deeper, archetypal levels of what is at work in these events.  Since JaysAnalysis was the first to break the story that the Batman shooting in Aurora was…

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