Israel Copies Turkey’s Takeover of the Press

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ERIC ZUESSE | 21.03.2016 | WORLD

Israel Copies Turkey’s Takeover of the Press

On March 4th, the Turkish government by Tayyip Erddogan shut down the nation’s leading opposition news-medium and largest-read newspapers, Zaman and Today’s Zaman, and leading news-distribution service (equivalent to America’s AP), and imprisoned their top executives as traitors, and a few days later replaced them and re-opened these operations under new management.

Prior to that, the two top people at Turkey’s other independent newspaper, Cumhuriyet, were arrested and now face charges of treason for having reported that the Turkish government was shipping weapons to jihadists in Syria.

On March 11th, Israel shut down and arrested the top people at Palestine Today TV, but, because that station has offices not only in Ramallah in the West Bank but in Lebanon, it continues broadcasting despite the Israeli regime’s efforts.

Journalists are hired by aristocrats (actually by the news executives who in…

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