Fals Flag Alert: Erdogan, a butcher and looter [head of a mafia family of merchants with terrorist gangs], warns-threatens Europe

the real Syrian Free Press

The one below is the real face of the snake that created a lot of suffering, mourning and damage to the Syrian people during these five years, and now, while is creating a lot of suffering, mourning and damage to his own people, he is threatening Europe.
All the terrorists that have gone by to Europe and the Middle East are passed across Turkey.
Erdogan is the true caliph of Daesh-ISIS: Al-Baghdadi is just a stunt double.
European peoples, you are warned: stop Erdogan and your corrupt politicians who are dealing with ‘refugees’ as if they were at the potatoes’ market. Before it is too late.
Syrians want to return to their homes in Syria, not to be tramps in Europe.
(SFP-WP Newsroom)


(PressTV) ~ Using the momentum of fear created by a recent deadly attack in Ankara that…

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