HIDDEN HISTORY: The Great Famine Myth – or Irish Holocaust, An Untold History Lesson – By Gary Boyle


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– In The Secret History of the World, my Irish ancestors, the Celts, are described as:

…proud, imaginative, artistic, lovers of freedom and adventure, eloquence, poetry and the arts… and were VERY suspicious of any kind of centralized ‘authority’.

Most knowledgeable among them were the Druids, who placed great value in living harmoniously with nature, in developing memory-based records, and who adhered to the principles of the ‘Third Force’ – simply put, there is good, bad and the specific situation that determines which is which’.

When I was younger I never really saw the relevance of history. It had no meaning in my life – no place in my ‘history’. It was interesting to some extent, but I failed to appreciate its importance. What does the oft-quoted saying, ‘those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’, actually mean? If we reflect on…

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