True Face Of Corporate Welfare: 27 Global Companies That Paid $0 Tax

Robin Hood Revival

Considering America, as with Britain is now an authoritarian plutocracy thisarticle from RTwill come as no surprise to many.


Hardly surprising then the Little Man and the Little Towns are rapidly becoming extinct.

Governments raise Taxes to pay for their spending. Therefore if Corporate America refuses to contribute the Tax burden is increased, hence those most vulnerable, small to medium size businesses and workers are forced to pay the shortfall. No access to $1.000 an hour accounts or offshore tax havens for these guys.

All the while the TAX TAB is picked up by those least equipped to defend/protect themselves, for Corporate America it’s ‘Business as Usual’

When you analyze the behaviour of these modern-day corporations, they could literally be described as FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.

Happy Days.

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