CIA-linked FSA Commander and Former “ISIS™” Member “Leaks” 22,000 “ISIS™” Job Applications to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Why not “terrorist job applications”? After all, they have “terrorist graduation ceremonies“. What’s next? Terrorist Bridal Showers? Terrorist Zoomba classes?


You got to be kidding. For the record: no, I have not filled out an “ISIS™” job application.

Junaid Hussain And IS Document screengrab It’s got to be legit. it has a logo and everything

Here’s the story: a member of the CIA’s Free Syrian Army, Abu Hamed (who was caught on video getting drunk back in 2013) claims to have also been a member of “ISIS™” and he has met with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News “in secret” and provided them a stack of 22,000  “ISIS™” “job applications”

“The copies of the documents were provided to Sky News by a former IS member, who had stolen a memory stick with data from the chief of the group’s so-called internal security police. The man, who goes…

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