GLADIO: The Oklahoma Bombing – Witnesses Allege Government’s Prior Knowledge and Complicity (Archive)


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– Recent reports surfacing concerning the bombing of the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City are causing many observers to take notice. The trial of Terry Nichols is just beginning, but the truth of the matter will likely remain hidden under smoke and storytelling.

As the evidence mounts, a picture emerges which does not weigh favorably for government agencies. The surviving witnesses, and some involved in the investigation who are mysteriously dying one by one, reveal that the government had infiltrated certain anti-government organizations. It is said that the government agents encouraged the use of violence against the government and, in certain cases, seemed to take the lead in pushing their “fellow comrades” into the use of violence toward the government. As the smoke begins to clear, there seems to be a trail of evidence indicating the Oklahoma federal building was being set up for a sting…

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